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This is the area where you can enter the details of your river trip so you can let others know when you are on The Norfolk Broads and  in turn see others who are  there at the same time as you.  It may be that you see people you already know or maybe a way of making new acquaintances.  If you print the list the children may be entertained looking out for boats, ticking them off the list and giving the skipper & crew a wave.

Hire boat or private boat forum member or not, all are welcome to join the list.

Who is on The Broads at the same time as me?

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The “Forum Name”  is for members of The Norfolk Broads forum.  If you wish to join the forum they are a friendly bunch and many are very knowledgeable when it comes to boating on The Norfolk Broads.  You can ask questions, share experiences or simply read what others have to say.  If you wish to join the forum or just view posts please follow this link Forum members can also print large Forum logos to place in the windows of the boat.  

For your own security please do not provide Surnames or too much information that could identify you. Maybe a couples Christian Names and Family if applicable.  For example in the “Names” field Tom Mary and Family or Mary and Crew or better still make up a group name for your crew

Please note that many boats in the same class have the same boat name but in addition have a number. Please remember to include the number if applicable.

Please note that your details will not appear immediately as this is a manual process.

Apologies for not providing the form that I used to, but my web software provider no longer provide the facility.

I promise not to pass on e-mail addresses or any other personal information to any company or individual whatsoever.

Names or made up crew name.

Forum member name

Boat Name






 Jason Debs Kim Mark

 Westbury guys/girls

 Fair Admiral




 Stuart & Pat

 Captain Stu & First Mate Pat

 Moon Enterprise




 Jason & Debs

 The lovely broads

 Fair Prince




Those yellow highlighted are on the river now.

Please e-mail your details to

 You can select and copy the headings text from the box below and paste it into your e-mail


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