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“Norfolk Broads Boating Guide”

Tide table link

An excellent site providing a table relevant to your holiday dates.

Youtube Video links

A minor collision and another of 2 boats going through Wroxham bridge.  One gets it right but the other does not.

Pete’s Broads Guide link

A superb site loads of info.

Broadland Memories link

a great website providing historic information, photo’s and video’s from pre 1900’s to 1990’s

The Norfolk Broads Wroxham

My Forum Name: Boat-Mad

I am no expert but I have been regularly going on Norfolk Broads boating holidays since I was 16 in 1970 and have designed this website with a view to helping others who may be considering or have booked a boating holiday for the first time.

It may also benefit some who are a little more experienced.  In addition there are several charts that would be useful to all who boat on The Norfolk Broads.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads consists of approximately 125 miles of lock free navigable waterways.  The longest direct cruising route is 57 ¾ miles and is Norwich to Coltishall.

Some people say to me it looks to be a great holiday if you have good weather. I feel good weather is a bonus as even in torrential rain you can still go to different places choosing your destination accordingly and travelling in the comfort of your boat. Better than staring out of a hotel room or caravan window waiting for the rain to let up.

On a cold day you may choose to go to a riverside pub for drinks and a meal sitting by a lovely open fire.  On a warmer day you could lay out and sunbathe on top of the boat with chilled drinks and snacks at hand from the on board fridge. You may choose to go to a beach resort such as Lowestoft or Yarmouth, visit a quaint Broadland Village, or simply relax outside a picturesque riverside pub.

Others may prefer to moor up in the middle of nowhere and do a spot of fishing.  The Norfolk Broads fishing season is June 16 to March 14. Closed season March 15 to June 15 inclusive.

If you will be fishing on The Norfolk Broads and are 12 years of age or older you must hold a valid environment agency rod fishing licence. An annual junior licence for youngsters aged 12 to 16. is free of charge.

Children under 12 don’t need a licence.

For more information and to purchase the relevant rod licence, please click here.

You can also acquire rod fishing licences from your local Post Office.

On your arrival at the boatyard it is normal to leave any luggage and supplies in your car whilst going to the reception.  In most cases you will be able take your car to a point close to the boat but may have to park it elsewhere once you have loaded your luggage etc onboard.  

More information can be found on tab “Boating Tips” then “Onboard”

When you first board the boat you will be shown where everything of importance is located and taken for a lesson on the river so  no need for concern.

When it comes to mooring/parking and tying the ropes most people are more than happy to help. Don’t be afraid to ask it’s quite normal.

If you would like to print some A4 PDF fun learner plates please click the icon on the left.

As you navigate the site you will find general boating advice, map, river distance chart, bridge height chart, tidal rise and fall chart,  cruising & mooring tips,  photo gallery, tide tables, and Broads Authority 24 Hour mooring chart etc etc. The B.A Moorings  page includes B.A Shore power electric card retailers.

Under the Facilities tab water/electric and toilet pump out location charts can be found. The charts may be of use to all who enjoy Norfolk Broads boating holidays.

Main Additions to the site include.

A page totally dedicated to crossing Breydon Water. This page Includes detailed navigation maps of Breydon Water. There are also slide shows of crossing Breydon Water and passing through the bridges at Great Yarmouth in both directions.

A page containing maps showing the locations and listing the names of riverside pubs now on both the the Northern Broads and Southern Broads.

Please select the various pages from the tabs at the top of the page.

At the request of site visitors I have added a check list of what to take on your Norfolk Broads Holiday.  There is now a printable Skippers diary to keep a log of all the places you visit. You can find the PDF on the river map page or Click Here.

Recent additions include tips on boating single handed which can be found under “Boating Tips”

All charts, maps and boating advice can be viewed downloaded and printed on A4 paper as a PDF. Simply click on the relevant PDF Icon for a printer friendly version of the page. If you wish to save the PDF to your device, select file, save as and select the directory/place you would like to save the PDF.  You could create a new folder to store the PDF documents.

The tabs at the top of the page are to navigate this site. There are several more tabs on the Boating Tips page where the different topics are broken down into sections.

The links at the top left and right hand side will redirect you in a new window to other websites. Mouse Hover over the links to view more detail on what the sites have to offer.

I would like to thank members of The Official Norfolk Broads Forum for their support and advice.

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 Welcome to my Norfolk Broads boating information website

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 Welcome to my Norfolk Broads boating information website